Despatch costs

Sending of your voucher free-of-charge

You have the opportunity to pay for the vouchers directly by means of credit card (Master Card/Visa) and to store the voucher form directly, or respectively to get it sent to your electronic postbox by e-mail.

Download and immediate sending by e-mail
  • Select "Download and immediate sending by e-mail"
  • Make the payment by credit card
  • The voucher is sent to you straightaway at your e-mail postbox and can be stored on the computer

Sending by post

If you wish to have the vouchers sent to you by post, the following dispatch charges are made (the right to make changes is reserved):

Standard letter within Austria € 5.-
Standard letter: other European countries € 10.-

If this means of sending the voucher is used, another payment option open is payment in advance by bank transfer. If post is the means of delivery used, the hotel shall assume no liability for any delay or loss during the process of delivery.

It is only persons aged at least 18 years who are entitled to make any purchase in the internet-shop.

Status: 25.08.2015